The construction industry is one of utmost risk. Design-Build Law recognizes the liability associated with the various facets of this industry and is dedicated to assisting clients–including but not limited to general contractors, subcontractors, architects/designers, engineers, developers, insurers, and manufacturers–through the dangers and complexities that arise from a construction project.

We are not only Attorneys, but Design-Build professionals;  therefore, we have first-hand knowledge of this multifaceted industry.  By providing knowledgeable and specialized legal advice, your legal interests are better served.  We provide a broad range of legal services, from drafting agreements and counseling clients at various stages of the project, to resolving claims and disputes that may arise during the project or afterwards.  Our team handles matters from the boardroom to the courtroom.

Design-Build Law is committed to providing thorough and professional counseling at a cost-effective rate.  As a modern, paperless law firm, we pride ourselves on utilizing the latest technologies to work efficiently and effectively, and pass the resulting savings onto our clients.  Contact us today for a free consultation.


As general counsel to two of our companies, Design-Build Law diligently and competently assisted us with the formation of our foreign LLC in California, and continues to provide us with necessary consultation in regards to  everyday business activities, start-up requirements, and various issues and laws impacting construction and the solar trade.  Through Mr. Hosseinpour’s professional knowledge of the building industry, he was able to draft various tailored contracts for our business, keeping in mind the countless potential liabilities that may arise with construction and employment.  He is also effectively guiding us through the C-46 solar contractor licensing process, as well as the H-1B visa immigration process for one of our foreign engineers who requires sponsorship.  Overall, Design-Build Law is a one-stop shop providing highly particular and professional legal services.

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