Construction Law

Design-Build Law was founded under the primary goal of providing tailored legal services to the construction industry.  Construction projects are complex and multifaceted, as are the laws governing construction.  Given that DB Law consists of both attorneys and construction/design professionals, we understand the complexities and risks involved with the industry and are dedicated to providing preventative measures, technical consultation, and knowledgeable advice.  Our detailed understanding of industry practice, procedures, and custom, as well as the scheduling disciplines and building codes, allows us to provide tailored legal advice and defenses.

We counsel many segments of the construction industry, including but not limited to general contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, designers, developers, suppliers/vendors, and insurers.  The firm handles a wide variety of residential and commercial construction and design defect claims, such as structural, water intrusion, mold, and soil, amongst others.

In addition, the firm handles various toxic tort claims arising out of asbestos, contamination, carcinogenic chemicals, and other OSHA, EPA, and building code violations.  On the other hand, we also assist clients with attaining LEED Certification on their project and consult them with various matters pertaining to Green Buildings.

Given that the construction industry is highly risk-prone, safety is an important issue in a construction project. Design-Build Law not only consults businesses on the various preventative measures to help manage their risk, but also handles bodily injury actions and property damage claims that may arise after-the-fact due to inadequate safety on the job site, mishandling of tools or equipment, motor vehicle accidents, or product defects.  (See Labor & Employment Law)

In addition, Design-Build Law provides counseling on surety bond issues, including the representation of sureties and contractors in default claims, and claims involving bid, payment, and performance bonds.

Given that contracts are the threads from which the fabric of construction is woven, we also prepare various construction contracts, keeping in mind the countless issues that potentially arise in a project. (See Contract Law)

If it’s construction related, we can handle it. Contact us today for a free consultation.